Stephanie Christine G. Fuentes, MBA, Ph.D., is Chief Scientist and owner of Inventivo Design. She has been working in the human performance improvement field for nearly 20 years as an evaluator, instructional designer, analyst, manager, trainer, and consultant. She has worked with both government and private-sector organizations in a variety of industries to evaluate program effectiveness against business strategy and to design metrics systems of all sizes. She blends a pragmatic approach and style with technical know-how regarding data collection and analysis that generates robust, sustainable evaluation solutions.


Inventivo Design, LLC, adheres to the ethical practices endorsed by organizations such as the American Evaluation Association and International Society of Performance Improvement.


Inventivo Design, LLC, is headquartered in Denver, Colorado.

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Free Resources

Specialty resources provided courtesy of Inventivo Design

How Much Data Do You Need?

This handout was provided to participants at THE Performance Improvement Conference in Orlando. This 60-minute presentation can be provided to your organization, preferably on-site due to the hands-on activities. Contact Inventivo Design for more information.

Aligning Your HR System

This handout was provided to Bagel Barrel participants at THE Performance Improvement Conference in Orlando.

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Interview with Stephanie Fuentes

Listen to a 30-minute interview with Stephanie about evaluation, conducted by Sue Porter. (3.8MB)

Join our Chief Scientist in blog discussions about workforce performance issues


Trusted Collaborators

Inventivo Design collaborates with the professionals and organizations listed below to meet clients' diverse needs and to customize sustainable solutions beyond the scope of evaluation. These providers are known and trusted to deliver quality and effectiveness at reasonable cost.


  • Empowering Performance, Inc. (EPI)

    Michelle Kelley

  • eWorldLearning

  • McBassi & Company

  • StrateZone

  • Portzline Enterprises

  • Performance Development Assoc.

  • Constructive Choices, Inc.

  • The Accidental Leader

  • High Performance Consulting

  • Gregg Services, Inc.

  • Essentials Inc.


Where you can find Inventivo Design (and free handouts):

October 2013 - American Evaluation Association Conference, Washington, D.C.

Harnessing Big Data in Higher Education - Evaluators as Data Scientists, Session 161

May 2012 - ASTD International Conference, Denver, Colorado

Engaging Stakeholders Through Evaluation Tradeoff Decisions

April 2011 - THE Performance Improvement Conference

International Society for Performance Improvement (ISPI),
San Francisco, CA (free handouts available)

February 2011 - APICS Colorado Chapter

Learning Strategy

November 20, 2009 - ASTD Greater Tucson Chapter

Prove Your Value Through Evaluation

November 12, 2010 - American Evaluation Association Conference, San Antonio, Texas

How to Use Evaluation to Achieve Human Resources (HR) System Alignment

April 2010 - THE Performance Improvement Conference

International Society for Performance Improvement (ISPI),
San Francisco, CA (free handouts available)

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