What do you really want to know?

How do you get that consistently?

These are our favorite questions because when you identify what it is you want to know, we can work with you to craft a system to ensure you get what data you need consistently to achieve your goals and share your story.


Creating scalable data collection and monitoring solutions that you can bring in-house and sustain long-term is our ultimate goal. We want you to be able to meet your goals and objectives, and tell the story of your value to anyone who asks. Sometimes that means the best value is to use an off-the-shelf tool or vendor - we'll tell you that and not waste your time.


We use program evaluation to systematically collect and analyze data that fits with the question you're trying to answer. We then migrate that understanding into manageable practices for you to continue the effort and storytelling.  Why do we do this? While one-time data capture can solve an immediate need for information, there's usually a much bigger issue to be solved - how do we keep doing what we're doing as well as possible? How do we know if we're improving? How do we compare to others? What does our "best" look like?

We help you learn.

We help you manage data.

We help you be successful.

We help you demonstrate your value.

You are important. Those you serve are important.

We want to see you achieve results that matter.

You're ready to start telling your story,
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