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Business-to-Business (B2B) relationships are the majority of our work. We can customize any of the items below to fit your needs and ensure you can sustain the effort on your own. In fact, capacity building is one of our favorite activities.


Think of Inventivo Design as your pocket evaluation educator and specialist.
You are the star, Inventivo Design exists to help you shine.

Here's what we do:

 • Program evaluation (end-to-end, from idea to reporting)

 • Workforce competency identification, validation, and program development

 • Surveys

 • Focus Groups

 • Interviews

 • Learning program alignment with strategic objectives

 • Needs analysis

 • Workforce performance measurement and system alignment

 • Measurement system design and implementation

 • Capacity building - webinars, guidance, training, on-site learning about
   evaluation and measurement

 • Validation Studies

Inventivo Design has extensive experience designing and implementing
large-scale systems to collect data that explains how strategic objectives
are achieved and creates the means to monitor them
sustainably over time.

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